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Hello Leah :D

Writer's Block: Lights Out

All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?

I was playing Final Fantasy 8. I was at the deep sea research center, I had just got the GF Bahamut and I went down to the bottom to level up, fight Behemoths and Red Dragons. I also got a whole bunch of stuff like star fragments for the characters weapons. I was getting ready to fight Ultima Weapon and draw Eden. Well I didn't save when I was leveling everyone up cause it's such a pain to have to go all the way back up. So I fought the Ultima Weapon and I was so happy cuz I started out the Battle wrong and I almost lost ,but I finally got eden and won the battle. So I was heading back up to save when the lights when out and my T.V turned off D: I started crying right then and there. I spent like 4 or more hours getting all the items and things and fighting the darn thing. It was all gone in a few seconds I was so close to the darn save point too T_T I didn't play that game for a week or two I was that discouraged.


sorry for late reply. It happened to you too in the same game? D: yeah it sucks doesn't it?