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Jul. 11th, 2009

Hello Leah :D

Writer's Block: Lights Out

All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?

I was playing Final Fantasy 8. I was at the deep sea research center, I had just got the GF Bahamut and I went down to the bottom to level up, fight Behemoths and Red Dragons. I also got a whole bunch of stuff like star fragments for the characters weapons. I was getting ready to fight Ultima Weapon and draw Eden. Well I didn't save when I was leveling everyone up cause it's such a pain to have to go all the way back up. So I fought the Ultima Weapon and I was so happy cuz I started out the Battle wrong and I almost lost ,but I finally got eden and won the battle. So I was heading back up to save when the lights when out and my T.V turned off D: I started crying right then and there. I spent like 4 or more hours getting all the items and things and fighting the darn thing. It was all gone in a few seconds I was so close to the darn save point too T_T I didn't play that game for a week or two I was that discouraged.

Mar. 12th, 2009

Asuka and Rei


T.T Ugh proficiency exams are next week. I still have not passed my math proficiency. They didn't let me take the writing one cause I was missing half a credit so I was still considered a 10th grader D: I can't wait till testing week is over and hopefully I can pass my math.

In other stuff I'm almost done with Tomb Raider: Legend :D Dissidia is coming out soon for the psp so I'll have another game for it. -_- I'm not really done with Final Fantasy II yet (damn you dungeons) and OMG I'm such a geek. Today I brought FF7:advent children to anime club and we took a picture for the yearbook I hope I didn't come out too horrible. I'm thinking of starting to add pictures to my lj to make it more interesting. ^_^ especially of my dogs and my bird buddy. This morning when I was walking to school I could still see the moon clearly it was so big and beautiful. The sun hadn't come up yet but there was light and against the blue mountains I wish I could have run back to get my camera and take a picture of it :( St. Patrick's day is on tuesday sadly we wont get to enjoy it cause of stupid exams.
well that is all for now bye bye ^_^

Mar. 5th, 2009

Cute Kaya


I was listening to this song and remembered that, Well a long time ago I romanized amai yoru by sound schedule cause I couldn't find the romanized lyrics anywhere. It took me about 2 weeks or more (I just remembered it was a long time) cause I only know how to read hiragana and katakana so the kanjis I had to look up on romanize em correctly. so I decided to post this up cause I still can't find the romaji lyrics anywhere umm I'm sure it has tons of mistakes on where the letters part but since I can't tell (cause in japanese usually words are all together ) here it is I can still sing along to the song, don't know if anybody else can? LOL well hope either somebody fixes it or I stop being lazy and fix it. Also at least gives me partial credit if you ever decide to use it on a website. T.T took weeks man.
The song is so cute from what I can understand the video is really nice too, I like this band they are awesome.
here is the video:

甘い夜(sweet night)

bokura wa amai yoru wo Koe Sore wo koito yobi au
itsuburi darou konna kimochi wasure kakete ita yona
kimi no chiisana te no hira wo terenagara nigiritteru
soshite mata hitotsu hitotsu kiete yuku machi akari
futari dake no tame ni aru sekai ni naru
二人だけのためにある 世界になる
meguri aiete subete ni imi ga ari
kako ni seoutta kizumo mudajanaiyo
ima kimi ga me nomae ni iru dakede nanimo kamoga houware teiku
今 君が目の前にいるだけで 何もかもが報われていく
tere waraui nagara bokura tsumiageru koigokoru
照れ笑いながら 僕ら 積み上げる 恋心
toritomenonaihanashide tashikame au youni
とりとめのない話で 確かめ合うように
megururiaiete kimi to no shinario ni omoi ga afuresoude
巡り逢えた君とのシナリオに 想いがあふれそうで
doushiyoumonaiyo hito wo sukininaru
どうしようもないよ 人を好きになる
riaru na kimochi nanimokamo omoi dashiteku
リアルな気持ち 何もかも思い出してく
kikanaku moyou no ishidan noue sugoshifuzeketemiseru
幾何学模様の石段の上 少しふざけてみせる
kimi no auto oinagara matayoru ga fukeru
君のあと追いながら また夜が更ける
meguriaiete subete ni imigaari
kakoniseouutakizumo mudajanaiyo
ima kimi to mukaeru asayake ni wa nanika ga hajimaru
今 君と迎える朝焼けには 何かが始まる
yokan to mada kimi wo shiritai kimochi
bokura wa amai yoru wo koe sore wo koito yobi au

Jan. 19th, 2009

Gloomy bear box

I want to make a dress

My friends and me want to go walk around the strip and hang out.
My friend Mando is dressing punk again and my friend kagami_oni too. While me I want to walk around in a lolita dress maybe goth loli I'm going to try to make one.My grandma taught me how to sow a bit. SO I am hoping with the help of all my friends I can make a corset a loli dress and I already got the accessories and the hair style and the little hat. I don't want it to come out like cosplay loli cause those are ugly. I like stuff with detail so hopefully making my own will give me the freedom to make it like I envisioned it. When I am done designing it I shall post it up on Deviant art and post link here ^_^ I am drawing it first of course. hopefully I can find some gold necklace chains to use for decoration. I must get started on it or I'll never get done. I also have to help my other friend Rei get Visual Kei stuff. Marc ish spiking his hair up. Yup it'll be interesting. Wish me luck ^^;

Dec. 30th, 2008

Lovely Complex

Year over already?

Tomorrow is New Years Eve here I always say this but I still can't believe it's over already this whole year was mostly awesome it was a good year with some sadness at the beginning cause my grandpa passed away. Also we moved from our Apt to my aunts house. This year we didn't put up a Christmas tree cause they painted my aunts house,But it was still good cause we got to go shopping and spend it with family :D There were good experiences this year I went to see Tokio Hotel live and then the day after meet them in person and get their autograph :3 even thou I drop the CD right in front of them and was really embarrassed I got over it :D I also bough Amano-sama's last single as Tsukiko Amano D: I didn't buy Zero thou... Still really have not listened to it all. I'll hopefully have enough to buy it someday along with all the other albums I'm missing... So yeah I think I'm going to save up my money to buy Dissidia when it comes out in the US if I save up enough I might be able to buy something extra :D Also I'm looking forward to Amano Tsuki's new website ^_^
maybe she'll do more stuff as Amano Tsuki ^^ I wish I lived in Japan so I could just buy CD's without having to worry about S&H T.T
Well Great year I think I might buy stuff on ebay or livejournal more often cause *whispers* It's much cheaper :D *end of whisper* I am cheap ^_^ or am I >.> <.< ? I hope to become a better artist and I hope our art shop goes well. Well Happy almost New Year everybody! ^.^

Dec. 28th, 2008

Gloomy bear box


This is weird...
I just recently rediscovered a singer who I had found about a long time ago May 23 to be exact(I was reading her blog that day).LOL I was browsing the list of artist in the sony music japan label and Becca caught my eye I was thinking to myself "that doesn't sound Japanese" so I click on it and found out that it was an american singer who recently debuted in Japan with her single "Perfect me". I listened to it and I loved it cause she has a really powerful/strong voice. So I went to see if I could find the full video ,cause I had only seen a clip of it on her official website, I tried to find her full video and nothing. Thou I did find a cute video of her shopping at a 100¥ store. Now You are going to ask me WHY am I writing about this? I don't know ,but I think it's cause I'm a little annoyed that just cause her song "I'm Alive" was featured in a famous anime Kuroshitsuji everybody is comparing her to avril lavigne and flyleaf and other things. It's just annoying that a Great singer is only considered good cause they do a song for an anime. (well thats how it looks like it to me) Well I don't know what that was about,but yeah I just wish her the best and all. At first I thought she was from California cause she said she is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles but no she is from portland,Oregon. It's easier to find her now online cause of the Kuroshitsuji thing well at least some good came out of it :D
I'm thinking of buying her single "Perfect me" or her "Alive" album with my Christmas money. I don't know I'll probably get yelled at again for buying music T.T I still want more Amano CD's . I wish my mom would let me get a job.

Dec. 18th, 2008

Love Leah Dizon

Snow in Vegas?

It was amazing yesterday It started Snowing in VEGAS!!!!
It's been a long time since it last snowed I was maybe 7 or 8 when it last snowed here.We even got a snow day out of it :D No school :3 Sadly all the snow has melted by now ,well most of it. I was sad cause I didn't get to see my friends today but I'll see em tomorrow so I guess thats ok =3 I joined the Anime Club at school they just started it this year. I wish they would have started it sooner. I'm not good at planning that is why I didn't start it. Now I really feel Nerdy but I'm glad I'm not as crazy as some of the people I saw and met at the animeVegas08 this summer ^^; . We are almost going to open the Art Shop we have been working on/Procrastinating all year on gaiaonline.com art for gold please :D
I have not been writing anything cause we Just moved to my aunts house so barely last week is when we got our internet back.T.T I'm so sad cause I can't buy any CD's right now. I wish my mom would let me get a job. I really wish I could have bought Omohide 2 but I don't have $160 T.T maybe when I'm older someday Yahoo auctions will be selling it for more >.< and I will buy it :D

still can't believe it snowed yesterday :o I still see the snow melting off the neighbors roof. I want it to keep raining :D

Oct. 15th, 2008

Hello Leah :D


I am so happy I got my internet back. I know this is not an excuse but.... I AM A TEENAGE GIRL AND I NEEDS MY INTERNET!!!! :D ok I'm done. I can finish my science report too ^_^ I luv u internet :3 I found out Leah Dizon is pregnant and married. :D I am so happy for her and I wish her the best.
I'm going to start drawing a picture for Amano-sama cause VO forums is doing a fanbook for her to give it to her at her last live R.T.Z. I want to draw the best drawing ever. I just need to get an inking pen. I can't believe it 2008 has been a big year and it'll end in just a few months. I hope we get to go to the graveyard to play tag and tell scary stories. Of course we shall bring flowers as to not upset the dead people ... hopefully nice dead people. Hopefully I get candy too. But I am not sure if we are going to go play graveyard tag. We'll figure out something else to do if we don't go. This year has been so awesome. Even thou there has been an equal amount of sadness and happiness balanced out in my life this year. I think I am a happy person.
I think that didn't make sense but whatever. I can't wait till XMAS cause my grandma is going to be here so most of the family is going to be together.
Well thats all for right now BYE BYE. :D

Oct. 4th, 2008


Today was my sisters B-day and it was good and all. I just don't like my family they always treat me like i'm weird just cause I have different taste in music and in other things. I am also treated like I'm a stupid monkey and I can't do anything right. Damn it I hate it when they do that. I can't wait till I move away from this dump. I don't like Vegas.

Sep. 28th, 2008

Hello Leah :D

Mmmm.... soup....おいしい!!!

Good Evening Everyone! How is everything? Tired? Cheer up!

Sorry I am trying to practice my Japanese as much as I can ^^;;
I wish I had someone to practice with.

Today Ren's kagami_oni mom made extra soup and came and left us some. I couldn't remember if I had it before but when I tasted it , It tasted Delicious, I remembered that I did have it before and I remembered my aunt made it in a big big pot for some party I can't remember. But point is it was DELICIOUS and I thank Ren-sama's mom :D Today we didn't have anything to eat. We were worried we weren't going to eat anything. Then My aunt and Ren's mom brought us food and we ate happily :D Thank god we have such good friends and family. Me and Ren have a livejournal and we are starting to post in it more :D so we have decided to recruit friends to get a live journal so we can see how each others days are going and comment on them ^_^ I think it would be really fun. In other stuff that I did today, today I looked at a lot of icons :3 people are so creative ^_^ I wish I had photoshop so I could make icons. I really need to change my journal layout.I don't know how to add one that other people have made. I wish I knew how to do that. If anyone out there knows Japanese and wants to help me with Japanese Please and thank you ^__^ I love soup=3

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